Why Afghans aren’t welcome in westner’s premises

Afghans need to be at least freasked in to extra place where the foreingers doesn’t when they are going to airport.

It’s because Afghans are more personal than the foreigners, why is that? Perhaps 3 reasons

no system: watch the rules of engagement. When system doesn’t exit people revenge to make life meaning full that’s why there are more chances of Afghans blowing up a place than a westener. None of the suicide attacks in the TERRORISM AGE (it starts after the cold war and continues to today) has been done by a westner. Of the thousands of Taliban and Alqaida member only a few were brit and american and they were muslim.

There is also another aspect, how many of the 1.32 billion muslims are suicide attacker; how many of 23 million Afghans are suicider attacker, probably a few, so the chances of blowing up a place by an Afghan is very low. Does it worth checking every afghan and suspecting him to be the attacker?

I would say it does to check, but in a free and fair society you are hold innocent until they prove you are guilty, in a skrewed up system you are always a suspect. Sadam Hussein had six security unit separate from each other, the closest one was the most suspected one.

This is no random suppresion, it’s very systematic; thosn’t this systematic thing called descrimination; shouldn’t there be a law which makes everyone equal, and treat everyone equal, even if they are white and more likely innocent.

FREEDOM IS POWER, Why did Taliban supresed Afghans to take their freedoms and thereby to take their power.

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