importance and caring

It is interesting how people remember horrible things for a long time, inspite their knowledge of negative effect of the memory on their life and day to day activities.

The more important something is for you the more difficult for you to get over it.

From my expereince of mingling into different cultures, it’s very interesting how people decide something is important for them .

Westeners could get over certain things very fast, but will not forget about other things which are important for them,

I think in the list of westners forgetable things there are some very important emotional things.

Sometime when they forget about those too much , it makes them soulless*.

Afghans could much more easier get over certain things, but can’t forget about others. The prolongation of war and conflict is perhaps because they can’t forget about certain things, like a friend of them died in war and he roughly knows who killed him. He want to retaliate because he can’t forget about it.

The more less things you have to care about, the more simple and painless* your life would be; also the more unimportant things you care about the more painless and simple life you would have.

Westeners have a relatively short list of things they care about.

INTERESTINGLY some important things for some people could mean nothing for others.

It’s not wise to freak out when you think some one is not doing something important right. Because importance and righthood could vary.

Two friends were talking to each other the first said “wise people are not certain about things while idiots insist they know how things work.”

Second friend ” are you sure about this theory”

First friend ” hundred percent”

*pain is not necessarily something bad, some people enjoy certain kinds of pain, at least a lot of Afghan do.

*defination of soulless.

*what are things Afghans Care about, what are things westerns care about, what are some interesting things other cultures care about?

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