Abasin just stepped into my office very upset and frustrated, he said the police in a chinese restaurant question him for 10 minutes, because he had lunch there.

Afghans are not allowed to go there.

He was almost arrested yesterday by the police because he was dropping a girl colleague home. Apparently, the cab-driver freaked out when he saw a boy and a girl chitchatting in a very un-triditional way and he wanted to report to police.

Last year he was in police costudy for a couple of hours because he went out camping at midnight, in the winter, in 30cm of snow, with a bunch of friends.

made a big fire and all those stuff… and had a lot of fun, the chief of police could understand the concept and was angry why young chaps showed that much freedom.

It’s Abasin and people like him who are pushing the envelope and are trying to make a difference…. He is the man who will ensure the freedom of others.

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