Bad Farsi

Farsi is getting corrupted as part of NGO-ism domination. There are a lot of English words used by NGO staff (mostly national); some of Farsi and pashtu document used internally in NGOs and UN are not even starting from the right direction.

The situation for verbal Farsi is worst than that, این ارتیکل بسیار اینتریستنگ است, this is how some people speak.

I got Hiwad our librarian and researcher to find the correct and standard Farsi equavelt of technological terms, which is the most difficult part, like mobile phone, frequency, software, rechargeable as well as for management words and abbreviations like: voucher, receipt, NSP, finance…..

He did it very well and we sent it round the office and miraculously everyone this afternoon was speaking a better farsi.

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