An Afghan Diary in Warsaw

My only and biggest problem is meeting people and making friends. People are reluctant to spend time with others unless they know them or feel familiar with them.
I’ve made some friends but they are not yet ready to spend time with me. Whenever I ask them if they want to hang out. They say ‘let me see’ ‘I’ll let you know when is best for me’ ‘I’ll call you’…
I’ve realised people in my circle (Polish academic circle) are not that open to new people and for one reason or another they need more time to mix up with others.

What I definitely don’t like is colonies or clubs, i.e. Georgian club, Belarusian club… Some of the students have started to form their own clubs and it’s not good. They’ll live and interact with certain walks of mind which isn’t different from their past experience, so it won’t be very educational and fun. Perhaps, clubs are an obstacle for free and cross cultural integration of people.

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