Warsaw Diary

Life has been quite interesting over the weekend as I get to hang out with the people. I have been wondering around Warsaw in the last thirty five hours; went to the mall, museums, pubs, restaurants, libraries… weekend is quite lively here as oppose to workly which is the other five days of the week.
It was great as I saw Poles life and it’s great to have a life 😉 it’s great because it’s pure life separate from other things. Things are important but they are part of life not the whole life and it’s great to have the ability to separate things from life for a couple of days.
A lot was happening in the old town and centruim, people were getting married, there were several matches and concerts. There was a running match so the road was closed to traffic. The athletes were running for fun and the pedestrians were running for life. The Pop concert sounded quite interesting, I wanted to watch or photograph or dance; but my friend Nathia can’t stand heavy pop music, so I skipped it.

One of the most interesting things for me in Poland is I get to know people from zero and I achieved quite well over the weekend.
I think there are people who are genuinely nice and they are friendly to anyone. Genuine nice people or ‘humanists’ like people as they are and don’t have much exceptions; often they don’t like those who doesn’t like people.

Some people like those who are like them and share the same things and values, they are naturally part of the same social group and didn’t have much choice in choosing to be part of where. This is an easy way to be part of a community (and being part of a community is what everyone needs). ‘communitist’ find each other and it doesn’t take them very long to understand each other, because they all know what each other expects and they behave accordingly.

Others connect on the basis of their common values/ interests/statue. You could have a very good situation in a certain place or certain job but you might disconnect as your statue or interest change. My favourite one is friends with a common language, people who has different backgrounds but are in a place which they don’t speak the language of the country but they speak common language.

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