going to moscow – still trying

We should all enjoy the right to question and try to understand the very basic principals and common point of any society we live in, given if it’s given to us which is the case in democracies.
Role of law, civil institutions and philanthropic organization are to ensure these rights for us. But they are not to hinder our perception of society and very same values they promote.
If we are offended or we think our rights has been violated we could undertake endeavors to know why without necessarily filing petition against the perpetrator in one of the above institutions.
But the trend seems to be changing, increasing, the right to creativity is being undermined by strong institutions with bias mandates. Their pre-established system procedure is assumed to be applicable to all situations, if not they make it applicable. Most of these pre-established system procedures (Pre-ESP) is imported from academia with high level of intellectual capacity and is not well understood by implementers at local levels. This in a way is counter productive and breaches conscious citizens’ right of creativity and freedom of investigation.
Creativity is not necessarily about bringing about new way, solution or method, but it’s also about self-expression and new artisitic way of perception.

Psychological experiments in the fields of motivation and learning have disclosed the power of novelty as an inducement to action. Lack of novelty or the inability to cease them at a point of time in the hope of perfectionism will lead to inaction.

Microcosm of society stimulates the tension between the establishment and maintenance of structural constancies and the interruption of achieved equilibria in the interest of new possibilities of experience. This doesn’t mean that new possibilities meet resistance; it’s simple the character of an healthy evolvement of the society.

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