FACTS on al qaida

1. If mostly living in backwards poor countries Moslims are being considered ‘Deprived and Depressed’ by illiterates of Al Qaeda, 80% of Non Moslims also live in poor countries of the world. 2. 55% of World Population lives in Abject Poverty, while only 20% of Moslims have the same status. 3. Moslims living in the West, advanced countries, Turkey, Central Asian Countries, the countries of northern Africa, Middle East, Malaysia, Brunei etc do not live in Abject Poverty and a life of ‘Deprivation and Depression’.4. Kuwait and Brunei are in the list of richest nations of the world and actually Moslim countries of Central Asia, Northern Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia etc can not be considered ‘Poverty-stricken’ nations of the world though there could be some pockets of Abject Poverty found in a few of them.5. Al Qaeda is pointing-out to Poverty in Moslim Countries without realizing the reasons of it, which are High Illiteracy Rate, Backwardness and massive Corruption in Poor Moslim Countries.6. Al Qaeda claims to be “waging Allah’s war to dissolve the global borders” but it does not explain, why it should not dissolve the borders of its own Moslim people’s Countries first. Why Moslims need Visas to visit each others countries and Moslim Countries themselves do not believe in Emigration of even their own Moslim Brothers from other countries? CONCLUSION: Ignorant illiterate Rats of Al Qaeda want to conquer this world by Suicidal Sneak Attack Terrorism but they have no educated people to run this so complicated world that is Philosophically a thousand years ahead of them therefore, their status is no more than House Pests in this Global Village, needing constant Insecticide Sprays.

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